The surprised Bronze wolf

The birth of Rome and its Empire isn’t that remarkable or very interesting if the truth be told. Basically a group of Farmers banded together in a location that offered protection and water and after pooling their resources they beat up the... Read more →

Six Silicone Hose Applications

Silicone hoses are used in a wide variety of applications due to their ability to work with wide ranges of temperatures. Silicone hoses can remain flexible and operational at temperatures of between -50 and +180 degrees Celsius. Similarly, the... Read more →

How Citizen Smith tried to take over the UK

With the continuing saga of Brexit droning on and on it’s not much of a surprise that perhaps some people might want to take things a bit too far. Back in the late 1970s, there was a hotbed of deep and angry feeling much like today. However,... Read more →

Can the nitrogen crisis be solved?

The nitrogen crisis has come about as a result of global shifts in the production and use of reactive nitrogen without fully considering the impact of the nitrogen oxides and ammonia on the environment. The amount of reactive nitrogen released... Read more →

Enhance Your Garden with a Conservatory

Conservatories are a great way of extending your home and opening it up into the garden. By choosing the right type of structure and heating system, you can achieve a room that is comfortable to use all year round and provides a free-flowing... Read more →