Save Money by Taking a Staycation Road Trip This Summer

Many of us need to save money, but that doesn’t mean we have to forego a holiday this year. One of the best ways to be able to afford to go on holiday without breaking the bank is to drive around in a campervan on a staycation instead of paying for an expensive hotel, eating out and costly flights.

How to Save Money on a Staycation

Staycationing is the new fashionable way to go on holiday for anyone on a budget. According to the BBC, you will still need to be careful with your budgeting when you plan a staycation, as paying to get into popular sights and attractions in the UK can still add up. The trick to saving money on a staycation is to do things such as cook your own meals and explore the great outdoors for free. You can take trips to a beach, and what better way to do this than in VW camper buses?

Cook Your Own Food

Cooking your own meals on board the van is a great money-saving tip. You can stop at a park or woodland and have a picnic, and it is easy to whip up a simple meal when you pull into a campsite for the night rather than eating out at a restaurant. The BBC offers some great tips for how to cook in the great outdoors while enjoying a road trip, and it’s easy to do fun things such as have a BBQ if you want to get the whole family involved with the cooking.

Explore for Free

Rather than going to places that cost money to get into, head to the beach, play games in a park, hike in the woods, go surfing, swim in a river, go to festivals, go crabbing, enjoy some fishing, go on a bike ride or do some bird watching. And all of these activities can be enjoyed not only for free but also with all of the family, as part of a romantic road trip for two or for those wanting to go solo.

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