How to Help Your Man Create His Personal Style

As much as we like to sugarcoat it, dressing up is important and in certain situations, it can make people treat you a lot better or make you land the job that you’ve been eyeing for a while now. Whether we’re talking about your husband, boyfriend, father, or brother, helping the important men in your life improve their fashion sense can have a positive impact on their confidence and overall image. It doesn’t in any way mean that you need to impose your own style on them, but rather help them find out what works best for them and what style they feel most comfortable in. Today, we’ll discuss some ways you can help your man elevate his style.

Discuss with your partner

It is important to sit down and discuss what your man is okay with before rushing to the store and spending money. As much as you’d like him to change his style, he might also have some preferences and expectations that he needs to clearly state. For example, you might think that it would be a good idea to buy countless button-up shirts because that’s what you want to see him wearing, but he might not have any special occasions to dress up.  Also, take into account his lifestyle, job position, and hobbies. Discuss what style he prefers, what color palette he thinks would suit him the best, and what his budget is.

Invest in the basics

If you want to opt for the safest choice that would satisfy both of you, we recommend sticking to the basics and investing in a few classic pieces before building the rest of the wardrobe. These garments will be easy to combine and wear both on a daily basis and at more formal events. White t-shirts, denim jeans, chino pants, knit sweaters, and overcoats are only a few of the clothing items that your man needs to create his own style. You should also browse online stores before going to the mall, as you might find a lot of high-quality knit cardigans in this online selection of apparel.  Additionally, don’t ignore accessories, since you can make the whole outfit look more elevated by simply adding a wristwatch and a leather belt to a basic look.

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Incorporate trends

Although sticking to a classic capsule wardrobe is the easy way out, incorporating new styles and trends into your man’s closet can be a fun way of making him develop his own preferences. There are lots of ways you can find what is considered trendy right now, be it TikTok or fashion magazines. This summer, for example, is all about lightweight fabrics, bold and colorful prints, and statement accessories. By incorporating a few of these trendy pieces into your man’s existing wardrobe, you will make him experiment more with his own style and discover what he feels most confident in. Even though it might not be the most sustainable idea in the long run, it can definitely expand his fashion horizons and make him more interested in it.