How to make the basics stand out

We all know how important it is to have some basic clothing pieces that go with everything and are easy to wear. They are usually made out of qualitative materials, neutrally colored and plain. But some of us might not like to wear a plain white sweater, no matter how useful it is to have. For those who want their basic pieces to be a little less basic, but still do their job, we got you. In this article, we will talk about color and details that you can add to some winter essentials to make them more trendy, but still, keep them simple enough to easily style them. These are simple tricks that will make your basic lazy day outfits look like you put more effort in. Get reading and check out Pinterest for visual inspiration on any of the items we will talk about.


Basic and detailed are definitely opposites when it comes to describing clothing pieces. But for those of us who understand basic as something that is comfortable and easy to style, these two can go hand in hand, and your basic items can very well have stunning details. This is about a sweater, for example, getting a plain turtleneck or going for an Aran sweater will make a huge difference in the final outfit. But both of them can be a basic item, as long as they are easy to style, high quality, and comfortable. The Aran stitches will make the sweater more elegant while keeping the style simple and very easy to style. You can get one of these here: Another good option is replacing plain jeans with ones that have stand-out stitches. You know that pair of dark-colored jeans with white stitches on the pockets, those are details that don’t influence the styling process but add so much to the final outfit.

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Probably the easiest way to take any clothing item from super basic to interesting is by getting it in a bold color. If we are thinking about a plain t-shirt that goes with everything in your closet, getting it in a bright pink color instead of white will allow you to easily style it, but will make your basic jeans and t-shirt outfit stand out more. It goes the same way with shirts, trousers, and even jeans. Yes, we said jeans. Colorful jeans are very popular these days and if you style them with some neutrals, they can become an easily wearable piece that will surely stand out. It might take a little more thought when styling all these colors, but monochrome outfits are very much in this season, so you can match your basics by getting them all in your favorite color and you’re ready to stand out even in your training suit.

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