Do Not To Pop The Question like this!

Trying to come up with an original and unique way to propose to your boyfriend or girlfriend isn’t easy, unless you’ve been given strict instructions that is. Some people choose the most outlandish and craziest ideas they can imagine, but they seem to do the trick. We all love a great proposal tale, after all it’s a memory that’s got to last a lifetime! However, be careful what you decide on and if in doubt, run it past his or her parents first, unlike these poor souls:

1.The Pizza Box Proposal

Ordering a pizza to be delivered and then writing ‘Will you marry me?’ in felt-tip pen on the inside of the lid is not going to cut it. Unless they absolutely love pizza, and you of course. It’s not particularly romantic and looks a bit cheap to be honest. If the proposal absolutely must contain pizza, at least take them to a restaurant!

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2.The Supermarket

Unless there’s a special connection with a store, like it’s where you first met or something – getting down on bended knee in the pet food aisle isn’t recommended. Spontaneous? Yes. Romantic? Definitely not. There are so many beautiful places on the planet that such a momentous occasion does not ever need to be carried out in a shop.

3.The Billboard

In theory, this could be impressive and work well. Surprising your loved one with a massive billboard declaration of love and a desire to marry has potential. Don’t do what one man did though and include a photo of his partner wearing lingerie! They might never speak to you again.

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4.At work

Whatever you do, do not propose at work whilst sat on one of the offices Operator Chairs.  This is not romantic and not loving.  You could source new chairs however that are red for love, big enough for two and then propose and you can get these chairs from sites like

5.The Burger

In a similar vein to the pizza proposal, this idea is plain cheap and tacky. A photo on social media revealed one man’s proposal effort at being a lovely diamond ring pushed into the top of a takeaway chicken burger. She said yes – she must really love this guy or else it was a truly amazing diamond ring!

The Tattoo

To get away with this idea, you have to be pretty confident that the answer will be positive. Tattooing the question across your back is a great way to make a lasting statement but is still somewhat of a risky manoeuvre. If the relationship fails, your next partner isn’t going to take too kindly to that show of affection for an ex!

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The Toilet

Why? Just why? A photo appeared on social media of a guy proposing to his girl as she sat on the toilet. Was there a particular reason as to why he couldn’t wait for her to finish? This is a good reminder to us all about the importance of locking the bathroom door at all times! This is not the way she envisioned this moment, that is a guarantee.



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