Six Silicone Hose Applications

Silicone hoses are used in a wide variety of applications due to their ability to work with wide ranges of temperatures. Silicone hoses can remain flexible and operational at temperatures of between -50 and +180 degrees Celsius. Similarly, the flexibility offered by a silicone hose gives it a great deal of use within systems with multiple moving parts such as cooling systems within engines.

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According to research, more energy is used in the world in cooling systems than heating, so using materials such as silicone in order to increase efficiency of these systems is a vital challenge. Let’s look at some uses of silicone hoses today.

Wind Turbines

Due to the stresses involved with the constant movement of a wind turbine, silicone hose manufacturers have been producing parts to be used within this application. The ability of the hoses to withstand temperatures and pressures makes them invaluable in the production of wind turbines.

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In order to cope with the demands of use in the automotive trade, a silicone hose manufacturer combines the best-quality silicone with reinforcement fabrics to enable the hoses to withstand high temperatures and pressures up to six bar. Silicone is used extensively within turbo systems to keep these working at optimum conditions.

Cooling Systems

With silicone hoses being able to cope with ranges of temperatures, their use within cooling systems in engines and other systems is a given. The flexibility of the hoses allows parts to move as part of their normal operation whilst remaining connected.

Hydraulic Systems

The flexibility and strength of silicone hoses make them ideal for use within hydraulic systems. When reinforced with steel wire, these hoses are great for a wide range of hydraulic applications.

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Railway Engines

Thanks to the aggressive cooling required by railway engines, silicone has been the material of choice for engine manufacturers for quite some time. Given the fact that rail operators are punished for late running of services, it is important that all materials are both fit for purpose and hardwearing. Silicone fits the bill on both counts.


From F1 to Rally Cars and almost every other motor racing format, the use of silicone hoses is lauded by teams thanks to its lightness and durability in a sport where a couple of grams shaved off can be the difference between the podium and the also-rans.

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