Nordic Favourites get a New Take

Recent years have seen a surge in popularity of all things Scandinavian. Nordic noir crime dramas and a thriving new-Scandi restaurant trend are just a couple of ways in which the region is exerting its influence over the globe. But one of the most renowned cultural trends is that of interior design. Some of the most iconic pieces of furniture in the world have been created by designers from Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Quality reproduction designer furniture is a great way to incorporate this trend into the home without breaking the bank.

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Iconic Designs

Scandinavian furniture is not just about flatpack wardrobes, its proponents are responsible for some of the world’s most recognizable designs. Danish designer Arne Jacobsen is best known for his Swan, Egg, and Ant chairs which have all become classics. His work is still so highly regarded that a hotel room he designed has been preserved and remains a popular attraction today. So popular were the ideas of designers like Wegner, Jacobsen, and Kjaerholm that people would travel to Denmark just to see their collections. Even now Copenhagen is fast developing a reputation as the furniture design capital of the world.

Broad appeal

Part of the appeal is that this type of furniture typically combines form and functionality. In addition to being extremely practical, many of the pieces have an almost sculptural quality. They are designed to be used but also to be looked at and can be regarded as an integral part of the home’s decor. These would be ideal as part of your Park Homes Gloucester decor as it will add beauty, functionality, and finesse to your design.  Take a look at sites like to see the area, the surroundings, colours and your neighbor’s homes to get inspiration.   The clean simple lines are the perfect complement to any living space, often taking inspiration from nature. Aesthetic considerations aside, Scandinavian furniture is renowned not only for its high levels of craftsmanship but also its affordability.

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Getting the look

Achieving this designer look is simpler than you might think. Opt for neutral backgrounds and choose one or two bright pieces to add a spot of vibrant bold colour. Keep clutter to a minimum to give an enhanced feeling of light and space. Companies that echo the classic Scandinavian pieces bring the room to life.

Classic Scandinavian designs are characterized by clean lines and quirky touches. The elegant simplicity gives each piece a timeless charm that ensures this trend is certainly around to stay.

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