Bring personality into your living space with these 5 ways

To combat modern stress and isolation, it’s important to create a home environment where you feel happy, rested and protected.

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Your home should reflect your personality, boost your spirits and make you joyful, giving you energy for the day ahead, and providing you with restorative sleep.

Have fun with your living space. Try experimenting with patterns, colours, accessories and scents to add a personal touch. People can sometimes feel isolated or harbour negative thoughts, but by making a harmonious living space that is dedicated to yourself, your confidence and self-love can grow apace.

Follow the suggestions below to create a stylish, happy home.

1. Experiment with furniture

Your home can be transformed when you select furniture that expresses your style – go for comfort and practicality, and throw in blankets, pillows and other accessories which can enhance the atmosphere. Look for hues that pop, if you adore bright colours.

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2. Imagine yourself in place

When you are in the furniture shop, lie on the sofa, shut your eyes and visualise yourself cuddling up with your other half, or putting guests up on a pull-out couch. By imagining yourself carrying out certain activities, you will be able to decide which pieces match your requirements.

Picture the light coming through your new Cheltenham Double Glazing windows that you probably sourced from sites including and sit back and relax.

3. The impact of art

Some choose collectables, some choose art. Art is very individual and can call to mind happy memories and emotions. If you have had a tough time at the office, your personal art collection will boost your spirits.

4. A splash of colour

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When representing your personality on your walls, you have a myriad of shade choices. Transforming your living space with a coat of paint is often the first step in decoration. Choose some favourite colours, and experiment with furniture to find successful combinations.

Ideal Home has some super ideas for small living spaces.

5. Claim your space

If outdoor space is generous, you can customise it – perhaps hosting BBQ parties. Meanwhile, gardening can ease tensions and encourage healthy eating and cooking – plant herbs, tomatoes and strawberries, as well as attractive flowers.

Social gatherings with lounge chairs and sun umbrellas can be fun in warmer weather, while you could create a meditation zone to help remove stress and prepare yourself for the coming day.


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