Live Betting On The NFL – A Basic Guide

Thanks to the online era, these days NFL is not only a popular sport in the US and North America but all over the world. Many international sportsbooks now offer stakes for NFL games, and even for live betting.

Live betting offers bettors the opportunity to place wagers on various aspects of the game while it is being played. Though highly exciting and potentially profitable, live betting can also be riskier, with odds that constantly change according to the course of the game. So, it’s worthwhile taking some time to learn a few tips and pointers before you jump in.

Get To Know The Bets

Live betting has a number of advantages, particularly when it comes to placing the right bet at just the right moment. If you’re really on the ball, you might even find opportunities to make successful wagers before the odds can change. To be able to do this though, knowing the bets is crucial.

Money Line Bet
This is the most simple and straightforward bet on who will win. In live betting, the odds for the money line will change according to the twists and turns of the game.

Point Spread Bet
This is the advantage, or disadvantage, that the sportsbook assigns to a team in points, which are based on the team’s margin of victory, or defeat, within a certain timeframe. This allows bettors to wager against the sportsbook rather than the winner, which can be particularly useful when betting on the underdog.

Second Half Line Bet
This is a useful bet to use when it looks like the tide may be turning in the second half. You can use it to safeguard yourself and potentially win back some of your loss.

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Totals Bet
The great advantage of this bet is that it allows one to wager on basically any sort of stat represented by a number. If you really know your game, the total bet can offer great opportunity and flexibility.

Parlay Bet
This allows bettors to eager several games and outcomes at once in a single bet. However, if any one of the bets fails, they all do. Play it carefully though, and it can lead to an epic win.

Keep Informed & Up To Date

Information is a sports bettor’s best friend. The more you know about a sport, the more informed your decision-making will be, particularly when it comes to betting. These days there is a vast supply of all kinds of information regarding sports that can be found online. Certain sites are catered entirely towards providing the best up-to-date info, ratings, and daily picks, and can be an invaluable aid to sports betting.

Be Responsible

Always bear in mind that the faster pace of live sports betting offers less time for careful consideration. Keeping a cool head and a firm hold on your money is therefore highly important. Set a strict loss limit and try not to bet on impulse and during moments of passion, while intoxicated, or while feeling ill or debilitated. That said, it’s also important to simply have fun.

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