Five tips for your SEO in 2019

As 2019 gets under way, businesses will be eager to ensure their brands achieve SEO success this year. Making use of the right strategies is key, so here are five SEO essentials to take on board over the coming months.

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Mobile optimization

A Google update last year penalized websites that were not optimized for use on mobile devices. With more searches now being made on mobile devices than desktops, make it your mission to get on the mobile bandwagon this year if you are not mobile optimized.

SEO for apps

It is not just SEO for mobile devices that is set to take centre stage this year. According to industry experts, you should also make sure that any apps you own are optimized in 2019. According to Entrepreneur, Google now ranks websites higher that apply SEO for their apps.

Content marketing

Content marketing is set to reign supreme in 2019, so ensure your content strategies meet SEO expectations over the coming months. Experts believe that quality content has never been more important for boosting rankings, and there are subtle differences that search engines are set to favour this year. According to Forbes Magazine, writing short content with high keyword density no longer works. The key to high rankings in 2019 is publishing long-form, comprehensive content that meets the needs of users.  If you need expert advice you could contact London SEO services at links including  who will give you the advice you need.
Quick loading speeds

This year the emphasis will be on ensuring your website is speedy to load. Top-ranking pages have been shown to have loading times of just over one second; therefore, it is vital for your site to be super-fast or risk losing audiences. With mobile usage on the up, you will also need to make sure your site is not sluggish to load on mobile devices. There are lots of ways to boost the loading speed of your site, so speak to an expert web designer which offers web design in across the country, to see how speed can be improved on your site.

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HTTPS secure

Google is ranking security as a priority in 2019, and rightly so. The search engine giant will be boosting the rankings of websites with HTTPS rather than HTTP in front of their URL, with the ‘S’ standing for ‘security’. If you have not yet made the switch, now is the time to do so.

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