How Citizen Smith tried to take over the UK

With the continuing saga of Brexit droning on and on it’s not much of a surprise that perhaps some people might want to take things a bit too far. Back in the late 1970s, there was a hotbed of deep and angry feeling much like today. However, the character of Citizen Wolfie Smith was a creation of John Sullivan to poke fun at the radicals and to illustrate the general futility of trying to get the British public to do anything revolutionary. One of the best examples of this was when Wolfie would raise his first and shout “Power to the people!” only to find that one else joined in. Wolfie did have a few allies namely his friend’s Speed, Ken, and Tucker who together made up the Tooting Popular Front. Wolfies’ plans for revolution were constantly thwarted by general incompetence and total lack of desire in the first place. However, a night camping on Salisbury Plain or military maneuvers for the coming revolution as Wolfie likes to think it was would produce the perfect chance to finally do something. When they wake up and find an abandoned Scorpion tank!

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Lucky for the Tooting Popular Front one of their number, Tucker, has been in the army and he knows who to drive one. Whilst you may not be keen to join the TPF going on a Tank Driving day like those available from might be a fun idea. Wolfie suddenly starts to get some grand ideas, egged on by Ken and Speed as they finally realize that they can really make a statement. Unfortunately, Wolfie is not actually that keen on being a Marxist revolutionary for real. He would much rather sit around making grand statements making complaints about “the system” but not actually doing anything about it. He likes the look, the clothes and the attention it gets him but when it comes to the crunch he’s not really that interested.

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The Tooting Popular Front decides to invade the House of Parliament and force the government to bend to their demands. They find out the Scorpion is loaded with live ammunition after there landlord accidentally fires the mounted machine gun just missing his wife and destroying several of his prized garden gnomes. The lads storm the Commons shouting revolution only to find that there are no MP’s there as it is the summer recess. Dejected they leave and into the long arm of the Metropolitan police who would really rather like a word with them.

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