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It’s very difficult to get completely lost these days as you’re always in the sight of a satellite and most likely have GPS on your mobile phone or in your car. This can be installed into your car or a simple device can be bought. ... Read more →

Can the nitrogen crisis be solved?

The nitrogen crisis has come about as a result of global shifts in the production and use of reactive nitrogen without fully considering the impact of the nitrogen oxides and ammonia on the environment. The amount of reactive nitrogen released... Read more →

Stainless steel catering equipment has advantages

Stainless steel is one of the most popular materials for catering equipment, and it is used in various industries including hotels, restaurants and commercial kitchens. This is because stainless steel is durable, strong, easy to maintain and... Read more →

Nordic Favourites get a New Take

Recent years have seen a surge in popularity of all things Scandinavian. Nordic noir crime dramas and a thriving new-Scandi restaurant trend are just a couple of ways in which the region is exerting its influence over the globe. But one of the... Read more →

Fascinating facts about Charles and Ray Eames

If you know anything about mid-20th-century design, you’ll have heard of American designers Charles and Ray Eames. For forty years, the husband and wife made a breakthrough impact on modern architecture, furniture, industrial design, manufacturing,... Read more →

A navy suit and the perfect shirt

The navy suit is perhaps the most hard-working item of clothing you will ever own. Most men will wear it for business, where it is classic and formal, but less severe than black or dark grey and less tricky to style than a light grey. It also... Read more →

Do Car Dealers Still See Cash as King?

The motor industry is following the Brexit debate closely in the knowledge that the uncertainty over the UK’s exit from the EU is already impacting on car sales and profit. Image Credit Already concerned by slowing sales, motor traders are... Read more →

How to style a maxi dress for work

The joy of a maxi dress comes from the fact that it looks good whatever shape you are and can be worn for any occasion. Maxis is also extremely easy and comfortable to wear, and it is their versatility that makes this style of dress as popular... Read more →
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