How to avoid being scammed by a fake law firm

Conveyancing is a sector of law that has been a target for fraudsters for a long time. Criminals have even set up bogus law firms in an attempt to part victims with their hard-earned money. What is a bogus law firm? This is a firm that is not... Read more →

How Citizen Smith tried to take over the UK

With the continuing saga of Brexit droning on and on it’s not much of a surprise that perhaps some people might want to take things a bit too far. Back in the late 1970s, there was a hotbed of deep and angry feeling much like today. However,... Read more →

A beginner’s guide to common HVAC-related terms

Here is a guide to help you understand some basic components and principles of your air conditioning system. Image Credit Components in or near the AHU Air Handler Unit: The blower fan, heater, compressor, cooling coils, and other components... Read more →

You are here

It’s very difficult to get completely lost these days as you’re always in the sight of a satellite and most likely have GPS on your mobile phone or in your car. This can be installed into your car or a simple device can be bought. ... Read more →

Can the nitrogen crisis be solved?

The nitrogen crisis has come about as a result of global shifts in the production and use of reactive nitrogen without fully considering the impact of the nitrogen oxides and ammonia on the environment. The amount of reactive nitrogen released... Read more →
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